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Security and Home Automation



Whole House Audio

Provide full control of the audio system from our easy to use color touchscreens. Your favorite song, playlist, or station can be automatically played when you disarm the M1 system. M1 can also mute the audio system when the telephone or doorbell rings.


Lighting Control

Provide energy saving and convenience with lighting control. Also,consider the security and safety benefits of integrating lighting with the security system. M1 systems allow you to schedule lighting based on motion, system arm state, time of day, light/dark outside, and more.



At the core of every M1 system is a rock solid UL Listed intrusion and fire* detection system. Sensors placed throughout the premise provide multiple layers of protection allowing the M1 system to detect and report intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, medical emergencies, critical temperatures, water leaks and more.


Climate Control

Offer substantial energy savings with M1 systems by integrating with communicating thermostats to provide control, based on schedule or occupancy, without sacrificing comfort. M1 systems also control air ducts to reduce airflow to normally unoccupied rooms.


Central Vacuum Systems

Central Vacuum Systems offer many benefits not found in portable vacuums. It’ no wonder that Central Vacuums are one of the most requested appliances by new home owners today.